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December 02, 2008



Thanks to my friend, Madan Arora in FL, who forwarded your email exchanges on the state-of-health of UNJSPF, I got your website. It is indeed quite interesting - In fact I want to know more on one of your two passions post retirement -
furthering intellectual enquiry. Thanks to erstwhile British education in India, many here still believe that just acquiring/accumulating "information" = knowledge. Obviously, most children are taught to memorise and vomit for the school/college exams and obtain degrees so you can earn a comfortable salary. Most has no understanding of how to enquire/be creative thinkers/how to go beyond what is already known/... finally understand "who am I? Why I am here? What is life's real purpose? Is it just a play of mind-body-senses complex, or what? et al" Once your enquiry reaches its natural culmination it should blossom as real "intelligence" and help make one's life meaningful.
Your friend and UNICEF colleague - Muthu


What you say is completely true. People should learn to learn, thus to think more about the non-technical aspects of life and their contribution to society on earth. You are asbolutely correct in what you say.

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